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Code No. YTD88012 – MG5114A

(91 units available, used )

Model: MG5114A  Ratio: 2.50:1 (down angle) SAE #1


Code No. YTD86896 – MG518

(3 units available, used )

Model: MG518 ratio: 2.00:1 SAE#0 rated at 580Hp

Code No. YTD86726 – MG6557

(1 pair available, used  running at 2900 hours)

Model: MG6557 SC ratio: 1.75:1 rated at 1480 with MTU 12V-2000

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Code No. YTD86729 – MG6619A

( 1 pair available) (New with warranty)

Model: MG6619A ratio: 1.72:1 SAE #0 (down angle) rated up to 2000HP

Suitable with MTU 16V-2000, Cat D3508B, D3512TA, D3516T and  C32

Code No. YTD21985 – MG5114

(New units with warranty)

Model: Twin Disc MG5114 SC Ratio 1.20:1 SAE #1

We have many other models that are new and used in excellence conditions

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Code No. Y86810 – ZF BW255

This is ZF BW255 ratio: 1.511:1 SAE #1

, Used but in excellence conditions

Code No. Y85374 – ZF BW255


Code No. Y85332 – ZF BW165AP3

This ZF BW165AP3 (Down angle 7degree) Ratio: 1.50:1 SAE#1 Rated at 1200HP and up


, but excellence conditions

We have many other models are available upon request

Yield Enterprises has been around for more than a decade, serving the marine industry with its expertise in the area of spare parts supplies, particularly with regards to Marine Gearbox and Marine Diesel Engine of various brands.

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Introduction of Ship Buildings

Yield Enterprises Pte Ltd was appointed as Singapore sales office for CKG Marine Shipyard Sdn Bhd – Perak, West Malaysia, since 2013.

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Our Products

Our Services

Distributes material handling, equipment, engineers services, manufactures and distributes products for diesel engine drive systems,

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